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“Never say never” is a common phrase I repeat to myself from time to time, whether it be about traveling somewhere or trying new food. As I now tell my son, you have to try everything at least once, if not twice. So, when the American Women’s Association organized a trip to go searching for shark teeth, I thought I should go to see what that is all about. It is something that has not been on my list of things to do, ever. But, when in Rome, or in Qatar, I decided to sign up and go. As usual, I have had no regrets. 

Little did I know that Qatar was under seawater some 65-75 million years ago. With that fact in mind, it should be no surprise that there would be traces of sea life in the middle of the desert. One in particular that is exciting to find are shark teeth.

We drove out in caravan style again to a location I wasn’t exactly aware of, but was aware that we missed our turn when our tour guide informed us that across the water was Saudi Arabia! Turned right around and found the correct location, which I understand to be this:

Temperatures were quickly rising to 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of the desert and I was determined to find myself a shark tooth. And I did and so did some others! It was like looking for a needle in a haystack to me. After my find, I hunkered down in whatever shade my car provided while others continued on their search.

Hanging out in the desert with our shark teeth
Hanging out in the desert with our shark teeth

Never did I think I would want to search for shark teeth, and never did I think I would find one! But again, never say never! Now I have some ancient shark teeth!


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