Our Sunday Funday Grocery Shopping in Denmark

Grocery shopping with little kids can be challenging at times. I would prefer to shop on my own, or with one kid in tow, but Denmark has made it actually fun. At least on Sundays in one particular store called Bilka. Or as we call it Vilka store, because Bilka’s mascot is a wolf and in Latvian, wolf is “vilks”. Vilka Bilka…

Anyway, at the main entrance there is a giant lego of Billie the wolf. Perhaps just to remind us that we are in the land of Lego?! Then, on Sundays, Billie the wolf greets the kids, gives hugs or high fives and hands out a “magical” little bag. This little bag is what makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier.

It is almost like a party bag. The usual items are a cheese stick, chocolate milk, a fruit snack, stickers and then a new little toy. So far we have a key chain, a mini flash light, a little puzzle, some frisbee type toy, a bouncy ball, and a noise maker. All with Billie the wolf logo on it. Very smart for marketing! Our son happily eats the snacks and plays with whatever new toy while we can grocery shop at a snail’s pace. Check out is the cherry on top, where they have little toy flags or balloons.¬†Sometimes they have had little games too, where you spin to win some free fruit or a hot dog.

For us, we look forward to grocery shopping on Sundays now. It has become our Sunday Funday! Wouldn’t it be great if all grocery stores were so child orientated and gave out free stuff for the kids?! If only…but nevertheless, thank you Bilka! You are our grocery store of choice because of this!

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