Gold Souq

Going behind the scenes is always exciting in my opinion, and once again, with the fabulous American Women’s Association here in Qatar, we went behind the scenes of the gold souq. I have mentioned the souq before as the traditional market. There is the general area, and then there are particular areas devoted to items, such as the gold souq or the fabric souq. It is absolutely daunting walking into the gold souq and not knowing which store is best. One could just be blinded by all the gold! But, the ladies knew of a reputable place and in this case, it was Kingdom Gems & Jewellers, where Yaseer gave us a very informative lesson about gold in general.

We first learned the basics about all how an 18 karat yellow gold item would be made up of 75% pure gold, and the remainder a mixture of copper and zinc. White gold is a mixture of pure gold and some white metal, such as silver or palladium. It is often coated in rhodium, which needs to be re-dipped from time to time to keep the yellow tint from showing. Rose gold is usually a mixture of 75% gold and 25% copper. And platinum is only platinum if it is at least 95%. With all that information, we were ready to see how it was all made, but not before Yaseer tested our diamond rings to see if they were real diamonds or not!

Upstairs, we saw the men working on certain special ordered items. There was one in particular that a lady had seen somewhere else, took a photo and requested a copy to be made. They can make anything your heart desires, for a reasonable price of course!

We saw one man melting gold, another man carving some gems and began contemplating what new jewelry item I can design and have made!

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