Where have I been? I am now a mother of two! So, no need to write more other than I am a bit more occupied than I was before. I have been keeping up with my instagram account at least! But, that is not enough since I want to write more and have pushed it all aside. I am beginning with this post about trying to get back into doing things that I like to do, such as getting back into shape (losing all my baby weight!), writing my blog, and doing things that are on my bucket list. One thing being learn how to properly decorate a cake. Last week, I did just that.

I have always enjoyed baking, but decorating was, and still is, a bit of a challenge. So, what better way to learn than to go to the professionals at Magnolia Bakery! The head pastry chef quickly demonstrated what seemed so easy. Some icing here, turn the cake, some icing there, slice and turn the cake, some here, and voila! It all seemed to click when I had a professional at my side helping me along the way. I definitely need more practice, but at the end of the day, I had my cake and ate it too!


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