The first few days of being an expat are probably the hardest. It is a time of a lot of change and having to rely on others to help you get yourself and your family situated. From the moment we received our assignment, there are flight arrangements to be made, housing decisions, filing for visas, and of course the physical packing up. We are lucky enough that the company took care of all of this, though it is strange for me to have someone else plan almost everything for us. I can only imagine that this is how it would be if I had a personal secretary!

Yes, most things were taken care of, however that does not mean it was stress free. We had many little hiccups along the way, such as learning that we might have to sell the house versus renting it out due to Danish rules. Or getting into a car accident just weeks before we move, when we needed to sell the car. And all the smaller things that needed to be taken care of before leaving Denmark, such as cancelling school, forwarding mail, getting rid of perishables and all that fun stuff that I can probably write in a separate post.

But from the day that the packers arrive, it all moved along relatively quickly. They arrived at 8am and within three days our entire house was in a container ready to be shipped off. While being packed up, we moved into a hotel, which was as fun as it could be with a toddler who was still going to school and now needed to take a longer commute.

The only thing that the company did not arrange is how our beloved little dog gets from point A to point B. That in itself is something I wish I had someone else deal with, but more on that later. For now, we are all in Doha, as happy as can be and dealing with all the changes, never mind the exhaustion. Keeping in mind what Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change”. One day a time…

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