I love Qatar! Part 1!

I love Qatar! Can you tell? Some people have asked and I have a couple reasons. The first obvious reason is that the weather is fantastic to me. I grew up in Los Angeles and then for some crazy reason I kept moving north. What we do for LOVE! First to Cleveland for 4 years and then to Oslo, Norway for 6 years. My husband may have doubted me, but I proved to him that I could drive in snow and walk or skate down any icy sidewalk. After our son was born, we finally started the journey south, all the way south to Copenhagen, Denmark. That clearly wasn’t south enough for me. We didn’t even last a full 2 years in Denmark when I had declared that I was done living in countries where the sun disappears for months and temperatures drop to -20 degrees Celsius! So, it is evident that the heat of Doha doesn’t bother me. Although I have yet to live through a summer where temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius!

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